Emission Control Projects Completed At Weston Plant

westonOperators of Wisconsin Public Services’ Weston Power Plant are seeing impressive results following the installation and upgrade of emission control equipment on Weston Unit 1 and Unit 2. Nitrogen oxide (NOx), a regulated stack emission, has been reduced by about 53 percent since the equipment installation was completed and the units returned to service in March. NOx emissions contribute to ground level ozone (smog), acid rain and airborne fi ne particulate matter. Equipment installed on Weston Units 1 and 2 boilers included retrofit low NOx burners and new separated over fire air systems (SOFA). These modifi cations allow optimization of the combustion process to reduce the formation of NOx emissions. The $7.5 million projects were announced in June, 2005, and completed earlier this year.

“WPSC’s Energy Supply Projects group designed the project to give us about a 50 percent overall reduction in NOx,” said Bruce Bruzina, Assistant Vice President of Energy Supply Operations for the Weston Power Plant. “And that’s right about where we are now that the units are fully operational.”

Each NOx emission reduction project took about six weeks of construction time to complete with the work being done during each unit’s normally scheduled maintenance outage. “We want to make sure our power generating units are ready for full load operation as they are a signifi cant part of our generation needed during the hot days of summer when electric demand is at its highest,” according to Bruzina.

This project is part of a series of emission control projects underway at WPSC coalfueled power plants that are designed to meet more stringent state and federal air quality regulatory programs.