Trillium CNG Inks Deal for School Buses

Trillium CNG™, a business unit of Integrys Energy Group,
has been selected to design, build, operate and maintain
a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station for the
largest operator of CNG-fueled school buses in the country,
the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). This will
be the second CNG fueling station built and operated by
Trillium CNG for the California school district.

Wisconsin Energy Receives Final Approval for Acquisition

Wisconsin Energy Corporation’s acquisition of Integrys
Energy Group has now received approval from the Illinois
Commerce Commission, the final step needed to complete
the $9.1 billion transaction. The acquisition will expand
Wisconsin Energy’s service territory into Illinois and
Minnesota and gas service into Michigan.


The Wisconsin Public Service Commission has issued written
approval of the acquisition of Integrys Energy Group of Chicago
by Wisconsin Energy of Milwaukee. The $9.1 billion deal was
previously approved by federal and Michigan regulators and
shareholders of each company. It requires approval by regulators
in Illinois and Minnesota. Integrys owns natural gas distribution
companies in each of those states.

Trillium CNG Inks Deal in Monterey California

Trillium CNG, a business unit of Integrys Energy Group,
has signed a letter of agreement with the Monterey
Regional Waste Management District in California to
build, own and operate a new compressed natural gas
(CNG) refueling station to power the district’s CNG refuse
trucks. The station will be built at the Monterey Regional
Environmental Park located at 14201 Del Monte Boulevard
in Marina, California.

By mid-2016, the district will extrude the methane gas
produced at the Monterey Peninsula Landfill, a nearby
sanitary facility, and convert the recovered natural gas into
CNG to power their fleet. Trucks will begin and end
the day at the site. “It’s really sort of a perfect closed-loop
resulting in negative carbon impact,” said Tim Flanagan, the
district’s Assistant General Manager.

Wisconsin Public Service Files to add Electric Generator at Fox Energy Center

Adding a generating unit to the Fox Energy Center Site is the best alternative to reaching the needed capacity in the 2019 timeframe. Late last year, Wisconsin Public Service, a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group, announced a need for an additional 400-500 megawatts (MW) of electric generating capacity by 2019. Among the options it considered were to purchase power from other energy suppliers, buy an existing or new generating facility, or add another natural gas-fueled generator to the site of the Fox Energy Center near Wrightstown, Wisconsin. After nearly a year of review and analysis, it has been determined that adding a generator to Fox Energy Center is the best option for customers. It expects to file an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) in January 2015.

The company will propose a new 400-MW combined-cycle natural gas turbine. “The industry is moving toward the use of highly efficient combined-cycle generators,” said WPS Vice President – Energy Supply, Paul Spicer. “Fox Energy Center already is home to two combined-cycle units. We looked at many options, and adding a generator to Fox is a good fit for our company and customers.”

With the addition of the new unit, the Fox Energy Center will be capable of churning out about 1,000 MW of electricity.
The benefits of building at the Fox Energy Center include:
• Access to natural gas, cooling water and electric
transmission facilities already in place at the site.
• Operational efficiencies with the ability to complement
the existing plant staff with just a few new full-time
• A location that will improve system reliability. The electric
grid in Wisconsin is losing, or has lost, generation
facilities in nearby locations of Kewaunee, Green Bay,
Wausau and Sheboygan.
• Owning the generation instead of buying provides much
greater opportunity to control costs and reduces risk in
the long-term.

The approval process involves months of PSCW study and review, as well as technical and public hearings at which members of the public will have an opportunity to weigh in on their opinion of the project. Additional information on the project schedule as well as the estimated project cost will be included in the company’s filing with the PSCW.

Construction would likely begin late in the spring of 2016. During construction, about 400 workers will be needed at its peak. The new generator would also lead to approximately ten new full-time positions at the Fox Energy Center.

Spicer said that WPS has several older coal-fired generating units which may face retirement because of increasingly stringent environmental regulations. The company also expects some moderate growth as the economy continues to inch upward.

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