Public Service Commission of WI

Commissioners’ Office
The role of the Public Service Commission as explained on the PSC web-site:
“The PSC is composed of three full-time Commissioners who decide the cases brought to the PSC for changes in utility operations, rates and for construction projects after a complete and thorough review of all the records compiled in the case, including public comments. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate for staggered, six-year terms. ” 

Any communications with individual Commissioners on contested cases before the commission may constitute a prohibited ex parte communication [Wis. Stat. § 227.50]. If you wish to comment on the record on a pending matter, please do not contact individual commissioners. The PSC has established an official method for receiving public comments that can be accessed at the PSC Comments page on our web site. Only comments submitted in this manner will be officially recorded and reviewed by Commissioners before deciding pending cases.

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
610 North Whitney Way. P.O. Box 7854
Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7854
General Toll Free:(888)816-3831


Ellen Nowak, Chairperson

Phil Montgomery, Commissioner

Mike Huebsch, Commissioner


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