Worm Turning on Global Warming Mandates

Amid scandal and “science” that has been proven false, global warming mandates are beginning to fall under their own weight.

Arizona’s Governor has issued an Executive Order pulling out of a multi-state effort to regulate “greenhouse gas emissions.” The Western Climate Initiative was a powerful coalition including seven states and four Canadian Provinces.

The action by Arizona shows how the popularity of these expensive, job-killing mandates is falling.

“…she [Arizona Governor Brewer] made it clear in an executive order that Arizona will not endorse the emission-control plan or any program that could raise costs for consumers and businesses.”

As other states back away from costly global warming mandates, the danger grows that a Wisconsin global warming bill could make us unable to attract new jobs.  The more states that pass global warming laws like the one Wisconsin is considering, the better states like Arizona look to growing businesses.

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