Senator Kedzie’s Open Letter Regarding Global Warming Task Force

Senator Neal Kedzie, ranking member of the Wisconsin Senate Environmental Committee, has issued an open letter regarding Governor Doyle’s Global Warming Task Force.  This letter comes on the heals of heavy skepticism regarding the effort to prove man-made global warming.

Senator Kedzie writes:

For most of my tenure in the legislature, I have initiated and advanced environmental protection legislation, basing my decisions on sound science with a goal of balancing the needs environmental preservation with the needs of economic stability.  To be certain, any legislation relating to global warming or climate change should adhere to that basic principle due to it’s far reaching implications. But now, the credibility and intent of the science has come under suspicion.

Well said, Senator Kedzie!  If you would like to write your legislators regarding this important issue, please log in to Power Lines and make your voice heard.

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