WUI Forum Told ‘Future of Nuclear Energy’ Bright

Nuclear energy is a safe, economical and environmentally responsible resource that should be a part of the energy mix in Minnesota and Wisconsin .  That was the consensus view of speakers at the Hudson , Wisconsin WUI “Future of Nuclear Energy Conference” that drew 225 on October 26th.

The event, co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Utility Investors (WUI) and the Minnesota Utility Investors (MUI), brought together experts from industry, government and academia to discuss the issues surrounding the expansion of nuclear energy in the two states.  Both states are prevented from serious consideration of new nuclear generation by legislative moratoria imposed decades ago. Speakers included a panel which included Representative James Soletski, Chair of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee of Energy and Utilities, Terry Pickens, Director of Nuclear Energy Policy for Xcel Energy and Michael McGarey of the Nuclear Energy Institute.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Michael Corradini Chair of Engineering Physics and Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The evening included a broad-ranging discussion of economic, environmental and safety issues surrounding nuclear energy, advances in plant technology since the United States build its last nuclear plant and the need for zero-emission base-load power to meet environmental goals. Efforts will be spearheaded by both shareholder organizations to overturn the moratoria and allow nuclear energy to be considered alongside all other energy options. “Our members are well informed on this and many other issues,” said Bob Seitz, Executive Director of WUI. “That knowledge will allow members to educate legislators and overturn these moratoria.”

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