Wisconsin One of Twenty Seven States Suing Over Emissions Rules

In a temporary but significant victory for the Obama
administration, a federal appeals panel has rejected an
effort by twenty-seven states and dozens of corporations
and industry groups to block the administration’s signature
regulation on emissions from coal-fired power plants while
a lawsuit moves through the courts.  The rule, issued last
summer by the Environmental Protection Agency, is at the
heart of Obama’s efforts to deal with climate change. It
would require each state to significantly cut carbon dioxide
emissions from electric power plants. If implemented, it
could result in the closing of hundreds of coal-fired plants
and would require sharply increased production of
inefficient and heavily subsidized wind and solar facilities.
The 27 states, many of which have economies that rely on
coal mining or coal-fired power, have sued the
administration to kill the plan. Wisconsin is one of those
states.  The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia
Circuit has set June 2 to hear arguments in that case,
although it is widely expected to be ultimately decided by
the Supreme Court, most likely in 2017.

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