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Madison utility Madison Gas and Electric plans to build a $107 million, 66-megawatt wind
farm in Howard County, Iowa, that would become the company’s largest wind farm to
date. The project, known as Saratoga, will consist of 33-turbines on a 10-square-mile site
about 200 miles west of Madison. The site is well situated because of its strong winds and
proximity to transmission infrastructure. If approved, construction could begin in early
2018 and deliver enough electrical power for approximately 47,000 homes by the end
of 2018. The company said wind turbine technology has improved with larger turbines
producing energy more efficiently, making it a cost-effective, clean-energy option.

Xcel Energy Announces Solar Connect Community

Xcel Energy has announced it is moving forward with development of Wisconsin’s largest community solar garden program.  As part of Solar* Connect Community, Xcel Energy will purchase the electricity produced by two, one-megawatt solar gardens. One will be built in the city of Eau Claire and the other in La Crosse County. The solar gardens will be constructed by Pristine Sun, a San Francisco-based leading developer of solar projects.

The City of Eau Claire has signed a lease with Pristine Sun to build the Eau Claire solar array on 7½ acres of an abandoned landfill near the company’s Wisconsin headquarters on West Hamilton Avenue in the Sky Park Industrial Park. The Sky Park landfill operated as a municipal waste facility from 1948 to 1965. With community solar programs, customers share in the benefits of solar energy without the need to install solar panels on their own roof or maintain their own solar array. Through Solar* Connect Community, customers choose their own subscription level, pay a one-time fee to subscribe and receive a monthly credit on their electric bill based on their portion of the solar energy produced.

In addition to the solar garden in Eau Claire, Pristine Sun will construct a similar sized facility on private land in La Crosse County. Xcel Energy may also opt to build up to one megawatt of additional community solar that could be operational in 2017. The two community solar gardens are expected to be operational by the end of 2016.


Solar energy is taking a significant step forward as Xcel
Energy, the nation’s leading utility provider of wind
energy, has announced plans to create Wisconsin’s largest
community solar garden program. As part of Solar*Connect
Community, Xcel Energy plans to purchase up to three
megawatts of electricity from community solar arrays, the
first two megawatts of which are planned for Eau Claire and
La Crosse counties.

Xcel Energy Works to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Xcel Energy is working hard to reduce carbon dioxide
emissions and is now the first U.S. utility to verify and
register all of its greenhouse gas emissions data with
The Climate Registry for seven consecutive years. The
company’s emissions reporting validates Xcel Energy’s
more than 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide
emissions in the last decade.

“Xcel Energy pledged to begin reducing emissions in 2005,
well before many other utilities in the country. Setting a
standard to accurately measure these emissions was the
first step in fulfilling our commitment,” said Frank Prager,
Vice President, policy and federal affairs for Xcel Energy. “As
a founding member of The Climate Registry, we contributed
significant expertise and helped develop the protocol for
counting emissions in the electric power sector which
ultimately helped us verify that we are meeting our goals.”
Xcel Energy achieved Climate Registered™ status by
successfully measuring and reporting the company’s
emissions from 2005 to 2011. The scope includes both
direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated
with providing utility energy service as well as emissions
that are considered optional to report under TCR’s best-
in-class Electric Power Sector Protocol.

In addition to TCR, Xcel Energy reports its emissions to
local, state and federal entities and provides the information
publicly in the Carbon Disclosure Project and the company’s
annual Corporate Responsibility Report. Xcel Energy is on
track to achieve a 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide
company-wide by 2020 from 2005 levels.  The company’s
clean energy strategy includes increasing the use of
renewable energy and energy efficiency programs as well
as modernizing and retiring plants.

Xcel Energy Named No. 1 Wind Provider for 11th Consecutive Year

For the 11th consecutive year, Xcel Energy has been named the
country’s top utility wind energy provider by the American Wind
Energy Association, a national trade association. For more than a
decade, Xcel Energy has led the nation in providing wind energy
to its customers.

“Xcel Energy is proud to have grown the use of clean, emissions-
free wind energy at a reasonable cost for customers. Our wind
portfolio is second to none,” according to Ben Fowke, Chairman,
President and CEO of Xcel Energy.

In 2014, wind energy made up about 16 percent of the
company’s energy supply. Currently, Xcel Energy has 5,794
megawatts of wind power in its portfolio, enough to meet the
energy needs of nearly 2.9 million homes. According to a new
AWEA report, Xcel Energy is the first US. utility to exceed
5,000 megawatts of wind.  Only nine countries in the world,
in addition to the states of Texas, Iowa and California, have
more than 5,000 megawatts of wind capacity.

Xcel Energy Proposes Wisconsin’s Largest Community Solar Program

Thousands of Xcel Energy customers in western and northern
Wisconsin could now have a choice for accessing locally sourced
solar energy through a program proposed to the Public Service
Commission of Wisconsin. If approved, Solar*Connect Community
would become the largest community solar energy program in
Wisconsin. Under the program, Xcel Energy would purchase up to
three megawatts (3,000 kilowatts) of electricity from local
community solar arrays in the company’s service area in western
and northern Wisconsin. Customers would in turn subscribe for
capacity to meet their desired solar energy needs and receive a
monthly credit for their subscription.
“Our customers are increasingly interested in solar energy and
in helping support projects right here in Wisconsin,” said Mark
Stoering, President, NSP-Wisconsin, an Xcel Energy company.
“Solar*Connect Community gives all of our customers an option
to access locally sourced solar using the most advanced and
efficient technologies available,” he said.

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