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New Alliant Bucket Trucks Feature Quiet, Green Power

The technology in Alliant’s newest trucks brings benefits everyone can see and hear.  Automatically, the truck’s engine will shut off, letting a battery power the boom and bucket. This means the engine isn’t burning fuel or creating emissions, and it is much quieter. “The battery-powered boom makes it easier to hear and communicate with your coworkers as you work.” said Brad Hoeper, a Monroe line mechanic. “It’s safer for us, plus it’s quieter when we’re working in neighborhoods. It’s less of a disturbance, especially at night.” Battery technology has evolved significantly in recent years. Those advancements mean the crews can use the battery powered boom an entire day before needing to recharge. The truck is duel fuel so in an emergency, if the battery is not charged, the truck’s engine can still power the system. “This equipment also helps keep the truck’s cab warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without having to run the engine,” said Greg Genin, senior manager of fleet services. “By using the hybrid system to run both the boom and maintain cab temperature, it significantly reduces the truck idle time which has a favorable impact on the environment.”

WEC Energy to Sell Network of Gas Fueling Station

WEC Energy Group plans to sell a network of compressed natural gas fueling stations it acquired as part of its Integrys purchase. Building CNG stations around the country doesn’t fit the risk profile for the Milwaukee-based parent company of Upper Midwest utilities, so the business, known as Trillium CNG, is for sale, a company spokeswoman said.

The Trillium business operates 66 public stations around the country, as well as 43 private stations that are used just by one trucking customer. The Trillium network of stations has expanded around the country in recent years, investing in CNG stations from coast to coast. Its assets are valued at about $140 million and it has 111 employees in fifteen states.

Opening for Wisconsin’s Largest CNG Fueling Station in Oak Creek

EVO CNG™ and its joint venture partner, Trillium CNG™ are pleased to celebrate the Grand Opening of a the largest compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Wisconsin located at 7155 South First Street in Oak Creek.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was the featured guest at the event.
“It’s exciting to be here today to welcome the first EVO CNG and
Trillium CNG refueling station to Wisconsin,” said Governor
Walker. “Over the last three and a half years, we’ve worked
tirelessly to create a business friendly environment that will
encourage companies like EVO CNG and Trillium CNG to
invest in our state. I’m proud to be here today with Wisconsin’s
newest job creator.”  The Oak Creek station is the first for EVO
Trillium CNG.
“We are excited about the future of compressed natural gas as a
transportation fuel in the United States and, more specifically, in
Wisconsin,” said Danny Cuzick, President and CEO of EVO CNG.
“Wisconsin is one of the states on the leading edge of CNG
infrastructure development. EVO CNG is proud to add our name
to the list of CNG stations built specifically for fueling Class 8
tractor-trailers here in the Badger state.”


Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) has announced the first
public electric vehicle (EV) quick charger in Wisconsin at
Kelley’s Market Mobil, 3859 E. Washington Ave., near
Interstate 90/94. The unit can charge a vehicle battery to
80 percent of full capacity in less than 30 minutes,
compared to about four hours using a Level 2 charging
system. EV owners now have greater flexibility scheduling
on-road charging along with an additional charging option
when commuting longer distances to and from the Madison
area. MGE already has 26 Level 1 and 2 charging stations
located around Dane County. The units are designed to top
off a vehicle’s battery while at the health club, a movie or
the library. That charge often allows drivers to get home
where an overnight charge brings the battery up to full
power. The quick charger makes it practical to charge your
vehicle while you wait.