WEC Energy Group, which has millions of customers in Wisconsin, plans to spend more
than $14 billion in the next four years on improving delivery of natural gas, electricity,
and other areas.

That’s from the company’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report, which profiles projects
being pursued in its service area, covering parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and
Illinois. It includes an update for an ongoing modernization effort at Wisconsin Public
Service which first began in 2014. This project aims to improve reliability mainly in
heavily forested rural areas.

The first phase of the project was completed last year,
after WPS installed more than 1,000 miles of underground
circuits to replace overhead lines. The company also
added automation equipment on 400 miles of lines. That
first phase included $220 million in investment, the report

The second phase of the project, which started last year,
will add 1,000 more miles of underground circuits at a cost
of $210 million. WPS aims to finish that phase by the end
of 2021.

Between 2019 and 2023, the company plans to funnel $14.1 billion into a number of areas, with more than half of that going toward natural gas and electric distribution infrastructure. The company plans to spend $5.1 billion on natural gas distribution and $2.5 billion on electric distribution. WEC plans to spend a further $2.5 billion on generation capacity, $1.5 billion on other infrastructure projects and $1.1 billion on technology.