American Transmission Company (ATC) is leading an investigation and cleanup following a pair of substation
fires July 19th. The first fire occurred around 7:40 a.m. at the Blount Street substation, which contains electric
transmission equipment belonging to ATC and electric distribution equipment belonging to MGE. Shortly after,
another fire broke outin the ATC portion of the East Campus substation, which the utility companies said is electrically connected to the first substation. No MGE equipment was damaged in the second fire. Officials
said evidence shows the first fire started in a piece of transmission equipment owned and operated by ATC. Some MGE equipment also was damaged in the fire. MGE said its distribution system was intact and operational at the time of the explosion and fire. MGE de-energized the substation to enable firefighters access to put out the fire, resulting in an outage to some MGE customers. Service was restored to all impacted customers the same day.  MGE is working with ATC to understand what occurred and to ensure a reliable, resilient electric grid.

A spokesperson for the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin said in a statement,  “MG&E and ATC are currently performing their post-incident investigation. When that is complete, the Commission will review the results and the events surrounding the outage to
see if there is a need for further involvement