Wisconsin Governor Includes Windmill Study in Budget

Governor Scott Walker has included $250,000 in his
2015-2017 State Budget to study health issues related to
wind energy systems. In the past, the Wisconsin Wind
Siting Council, an advisory group to the state’s Public
Service Commission, has reported that some individuals
residing in close proximity to wind turbines perceive
audible noise and find it annoying.


Xcel Energy has announced that it is seeking proposals for new wind power generation in the Upper Midwest. The company is looking to acquire up to 250 megawatts of wind generation which may be geographically dispersed across its service territory. It is interested in either purchasing the energy output of the new wind generation projects through a power purchase agreement or owning the wind generation assets. Xcel Energy is currently accepting proposals for resources that can be placed in service by December 31, 2012.

More International Warnings on Global Warming Waste

One of the most wasteful elements of Wisconsin’s global warming bill (AB 649/SB 450) is the Advanced Renewable Tariffs (ARTs) provision, other wise known as “feed-in tariffs.”

The provision would force Wisconsin utilities to pay a premium for energy generated by, among other things, small home wind turbines or photovoltaic solar panels.  Wisconsin utilities currently purchase a limited amount of this energy voluntarily.  The bill would mandate that utilities purchase this expensive, inefficient energy and pass the cost on to retepayers.

A look at the failure of “feed in tariffs” in Europe could save Wisconsina lot of expenses and headaches.

“So while the electricity you might generate from large wind turbines and hydro plants will earn you 4.5p per kilowatt hour, mini wind turbines get 34p, and solar panels 41p. In other words, the government acknowledges that micro wind and solar PV in the UK are between seven and nine times less cost-effective than the alternatives.”

Serious About Global Warming? Encourage Nuclear in Wisconsin

WUI Executive Director Bob Seitz called out Wisconsin global warming activists in an interview with WisPolitics.com.

“If the goal is to have carbon-free generation, then the only real solution is nuclear energy. If the goal is clean energy, the solution is still nuclear energy. If it’s jobs, it really is nuclear energy for export,” Seitz says in a new WisPolitics interview.

Seitz said the group supports real changes to the state’s limits on the construction of new nuclear power plants. Still, he said any suggestion the climate change will actually loosen those limits is off base.

Seitz said after sitting through 16 hours of public hearings on the bill, he suspects the provision was crafted intentionally to ensure no real change to the limits on building a new nuclear power plant in Wisconsin. If it was done mistakenly, it should be fixed, he said.

“It’s a new moratorium or an old moratorium,” Seitz claims. “This is why people are cynical about their government.”

You can click at the bottom of the article to hear the whole interview.

Xcel Energy on the Cutting Edge

Xcel Energy joins pilot project aimed at better forecasting of wind energy.

The world leader in environmental measurement, Vaisala, together with electricity and natural gas energy company, Xcel Energy, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have joined forces on a pioneering pilot project in the USA that will take observing and forecasting for wind energy production to the next level.

The goal of the pilot is to explore the use of a new wind observing and forecasting system in Xcel Energy’s wind power generation. The system will provide critical decision-making support for balancing wind power with traditional fossil fuel generation while minimizing costs and improving reliability. A primary focus of the effort is to develop technologies that will better anticipate changes in wind energy output from wind farms.

“This is a great opportunity for Vaisala to again demonstrate how we can provide observation systems for weather critical applications,” says Richard Pyle, head of Vaisala’s Wind Energy Market Segment.

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