The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) has presented Xcel Energy
with the association’s “Emergency Recovery Award” for its
outstanding power restoration efforts after a widespread severe
weather outbreak in the company’s Upper Midwest service
territory in June. The award is presented annually to EEI member
companies to recognize their extraordinary efforts to restore
power to customers after service disruptions caused by severe
weather conditions or natural events.

Improve Your Electric Bill

The Edison Electric Institute has published More than 100 ways to improve your electric bill. Here are a few of their ideas:


Air conditioners vary considerably in efficiency and in the amount of energy used. Therefore, select equipment based on its federal energy effi­ciency rating. For window units, this rating is the Energy Efficiency Ratio, or EER. New standards for room air condition­ers went into effect on October 1, 2000. For many types of room air conditioners, the minimum EER is 9.0 or 9.7. As a general rule, an EER of 11 or more is excellent.

The average plasma TV uses about 339 watts, while an average LCD TV uses 211 watts. If the TV is used for 3 hours per day, the plasma TV will use about 371 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year and cost about $39.34 to operate, while the LCD TV will use about 231 kWh per year and cost about $24.49 to operate (based on a national average cost of 10.6 cents per kWh).

We are all looking for ways to pinch pennies these days, and this list is a great start.

Preserving Dividends

The Defend My Dividend campaign is hard at work protecting your investments:

Defend My Dividend (DMD), a coalition created by the American Gas Association (AGA) and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) to preserve fair tax rates on qualified dividends, today commended proposals by President Obama and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) to make permanent the current capital gains and dividend tax rates for the majority of Americans while capping the rate at 20 percent for higher-income families. Chairman Baucus recently introduced legislation that mirrors the capital gains and dividend policies in President Obama’s FY2010 budget.

To get active in the Defend My Dividend campaign please click here.