Job Alarm Sounded: Does Your Family Count on Any of These Industries?

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Wisconsin Agricultural Groups

Cooperative Network

Dairy Business Association

Midwest Food Processors Association

Wisconsin Agribusiness Council

Wisconsin Agri-Service Association

Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

Wisconsin Crop Production Association

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

Wisconsin Pork Association

Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Association

Growmark Inc.

Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association

Wisconsin State Cranberries Growers Association

Wisconsin Business Associations

Aggregate Producers of Wisconsin

Alliance of Wisconsin Retailers, LLC

Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin, Inc

Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin

Independent Business Association of Wisconsin

Midwest Equipment Dealers Association

National Federation of Independent Businesses – Wisconsin Chapter

Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association

Wisconsin Automotive Aftermarket Association

Wisconsin Automotive Parts Association

Wisconsin Builders Association

Wisconsin Cast Metals Association

Wisconsin Economic Development Association

Wisconsin Engine Manufacturers & Distributors Alliance

Wisconsin Housing Alliance

Wisconsin Independent Businesses

Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

Wisconsin Paper Council

Wisconsin Petroleum Council

Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association

Wisconsin Realtors Association

Wisconsin Restaurant Association

Wisconsin Retail Council

Wisconsin Utility Investors, Inc.

Local Chambers of Commerce

Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce

Fond du Lac Association of Commerce

Forward Janesville, Inc.

Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce

La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce

Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce

Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce

Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce

Racine Area Manufacturers & Commerce

Waukesha County Chamber of Commerce

Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce

West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce

Over 50 organizations with membership representing most of the jobs in Wisconsin have joined together in opposition to the so-called “Clean Energy Jobs Act” (AB 649/SB 450). AB 649 is scheduled for a vote in the state Assembly tomorrow. The bill has earned the opposition of employers from Wisconsin main streets to town roads because it would raise utility rates and eliminate jobs throughout Wisconsin.

 “What do the all these groups have in common?” said Todd Stuart of the Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group. “We have all looked closely at this bill and see the same results – it will increase energy costs and lead to fewer Wisconsin jobs.”

 Many of the organizations had hoped that the revised bill would contain new cost containment measures. “We were surprised that the amendment up for vote did little to address our concerns over costs,” said Bill Oemichen with the Cooperative Network and member of the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming. “We had little choice but to oppose the bill considering its implications for rural Wisconsin.”

 The impact of the bill on Wisconsin competitiveness has been confusing to many because of competing studies from independent groups and the state bureaucracy. The state government says that sweeping new government powers and unprecedented utility expenditures will reduce energy bills and create private sector jobs. Independent organizations and private employers say mandating billions of dollars in unnecessary expenditures will increase costs for the consumers who pay for them.

 Both the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) calculations and private studies agree consumers will have to pay for over $15 billion in new energy costs over the next 15 years. The PSC argues that spending an extra $15 billion will save money.

 “Only government could argue that unnecessary spending would save money,” said Bill G. Smith of the National Federation of Independent Business. “My members live in the real world where unnecessary spending means unnecessary cost.”

 Nick George from the Midwest Food Processors Association agreed with Smith’s assessment. “We had to set the dueling studies aside and apply a little common sense. Our common sense analysis was: Consumers pay for utility construction. More construction equals more cost for consumers.”

 The bill gives the PSC broad authority to impose a tax on energy bills to pay for programs aimed at reducing energy use. The PSC must impose a tax sufficient to reduce energy consumption by 2% every year. Their “research” indicates that $700 million in energy taxes are needed to reduce consumption by 2%. If raising the tax doesn’t work, the PSC must raise the tax even more.

 “Whether you’re running a milking machine or a metal casting furnace, higher costs in Wisconsin make us less competitive with other states or countries,” said Brian Mitchell of the Wisconsin Cast Metals Association. “Whatever industry you represent knows you can’t keep jobs if you can’t compete.”

Assembly Leaders Ramming $15 Billion Global Warming Bill Through

If you were spending $15 Billion, how careful would you be?

Tuesday, Democrat Leaders in the state Assembly came up with a brand new version of a 140 page global warming bill forcing a $700 million energy tax and over $15 billion in unnecessary energy costs on Wisconsin consumers and businesses.  They called a meeting to pass the bill with barely 24-hours notice.

When one of their own members complained that she hadn’t had time to consider the massive bill, they removed her from the committee.  How’s that for democracy?  

 That was Friday morning.

 Now they have snuck the bill onto the Assembly schedule for Tuesday.  That’s right.  They will force 99-members to vote on a bill their own committee member didn’t understand.

 What do we know about this bill?

–      It will cost 43,000 more Wisconsin residents their jobs.

–      Utilities warn it will force utility rates to rise from now until 2025.  

 –      Utility rates will rise faster than the incomes of many Senior Citizens. 

Those sound like some pretty good reasons to re-think this job killing bill.

 Please contact your legislator right now by clicking here.  We have had enough of politicians forcing unpopular, expensive, unnecessary laws on us!

State Energy Mandates Will Affect Your Investments and Our State

Immediate Action Required!

Because most people understand global warming legislation kills jobs for no good reason, the Governor’s global warming legislation has been renamed the “Clean Energy Jobs Act” (AB 649/SB 450). The bill is being pushed now even though evidence of global warming has been seriously discredited and its proponents are in retreat worldwide.  

 A recent study of the Wisconsin Global Warming Bill by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute shows that it will:



Congress and other states are backing away from these mandates, Wisconsin should too. If a bill must be passed it should:  

• Let utilities decide how to meet the goals in the most cost effective way. We have a Public Service Commission to approve any proposal. Let them work without strings attached.  

• Encourage green energy from wherever it can be produced the most cheaply to save consumers money.  

• Encourage all options for clean, safe power, including nuclear. Completely end the Nuclear Moratorium. Even President Obama supports the expansion of nuclear energy!  

• Not force Wisconsin utilities to buy energy from power producers who haven’t shown the commitment to Wisconsin that our utilities have.

• Only require utilities to provide renewable energy that doesn’t raise rates or threaten their ability to reliably provide energy whenever it is needed.  

These decisions are being made right now. The legislative process will end in April. Make your voice heard today by calling your legislator at 1-800-362-9472 or click here to use WUI PowerLines.

Global Warming Advocates Ignore Reality of Nuclear Energy


“A new type of nuclear reactor—smaller than a rail car and one tenth the cost of a big plant—is emerging as a contender to reshape the nation’s resurgent nuclear power industry.”

Talking to advocates for Global Warming regulation, like the “Clean Energy Jobs Act” currently before the Wisconsin Legislature, one is continually amazed at their reliance on technologies that have yet to be conceived. 

Yet, most refuse to acknowledge real advances in nuclear technology that make Wisconsin’s Nuclear Moratorium objectively ridiculous.  Continuing this moratorium in their bill calls into question whether they really believe global warming is the crisis they say it is.

This Wall Street Journal article is about nuclear reactors the size of a house that can be buried at existing nuclear or coal plants to produce safe, emission free energy for at least 60-years at a reasonable cost.

“The first units likely would be built adjacent to existing nuclear plants, many of which were originally permitted to have two to four units but usually have only one or two. Down the road, utilities could replace existing coal-fired power plants with small reactors in order to take advantage of sites already served by transmission lines and, in some cases, needed for grid support. Like any other power plants, these small reactors could be easily hooked up to the power grid.”

The company that developed this system has been making similar units that have been safely operating in American nuclear submarines for decades.

The technology could be approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the next several years. 

“While large reactors are built on site, a process that can take five years, the mPower reactors would be manufactured in Babcock & Wilcox’s factories in Indiana, Ohio or Virginia and transported by rail or barge. That could cut construction times in half, experts believe.”

Tell your elected representatives to oppose any global warming bill that doesn’t encourage nuclear energy in Wisconsin.  Use WUI PowerLines to make yourself heard!

Wisconsin Leaders at Odds With President on Nuclear

“Our competitors are racing to create jobs and command growing energy industries. And nuclear energy is no exception.” – President Obama, February 16, 2010

“Promising “this is only the beginning,” President Barack Obama announced more than $8 billion in federal loan guarantees Tuesday for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the United States in nearly three decades.”

Those new jobs will be in Georgia.

That’s right, Georgia will get hundreds of permanent highly paid jobs, thousands of construction jobs AND $8 billion that will actually impact carbon emissions in their state.

Why not Wisconsin?

Good Question.

They call the Global Warming Task Force Bill the “Clean Energy Jobs Act” (SB 450/AB 649) but continue to effectively ban clean energy and jobs from nuclear energy.

Wisconsin’s archaic ban on new nuclear energy keeps our state from competing with progressive states like Georgia.

“Obama’s budget proposal for 2011 would add $36 billion in new federal loan guarantees to $18.5 billion already budgeted but not spent — for a total of $54.5 billion.”

Click here to access PowerLines and send a message to Governor Doyle and your other state elected officials!

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