Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is an important and growing component of the overall energy mix. Wisconsin utilities have already made significant investments in renewable energy and continue to develop new renewable sources including biomass, hydro and wind. In addition, many utilities offer customers the ability to make clean energy choices.

With advancements in technology, solar energy has become an increasingly viable option. As this technology evolves, Wisconsin utilities and their investors want to ensure that appropriate policies are developed to allow solar energy to be developed in a fair, efficient, sustainable and cost conscious manner.


In the past, legislative and regulatory mandates were used to drive investment in renewable energy. Many of these policies artificially limited compliance options and ignored the investment in renewable energy sources that utilities made in the past.

  •  Voluntary Programs – Utilities should be allowed to work with the PSC to develop voluntary renewable energy programs to meet customer needs. Allowing individual utilities to pursue unique approaches and offerings in response to customer demand will promote innovation and efficiency.
  •  Renewable Mandates – The Legislature should avoid establishing new renewable energy mandates that can force investment in redundant generating capacity, stifle innovation and increase consumer costs.
  •  Subsidies – Utility rate regulation should not be used as a means of subsidizing renewable energy programs and projects. Renewable energy needs to be efficient and economically sustainable in order to provide customer value and a reliable energy future.

Renewable energy has a bright future in Wisconsin. It will achieve its greatest potential in an environment free from mandates, subsidies and unnecessary regulation.