Global Warming Debate: Government Study vs. Common Sense

 The Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel presented opinions on both sides of the Global Warming Bill currently before the Wisconsin Legislature.  One, the official position of the Editors, cited a government study that promised new jobs.  The opposing view (Global Warming Bill Kills State Jobs) from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce’s Scott Manley cited an independent study and common sense.

 Great caution should be used when considering a study produced by the very people trying to pass the legislation, especially when the results aren’t backed up by common sense.  For instance, few people would believe that forcing consumers and employers to pay billions of dollars in increased rates for gasoline, electricity and countless other products would help our state create new jobs.

 Manley puts it well in his column:

 “Higher electric bills will not create jobs. Making gasoline more expensive will not create jobs. Significantly increasing the cost of doing business in Wisconsin will not create jobs. Taking more money from Wisconsin families will not create jobs.”

 The telling line in the Journal Sentinel Editorial comes near the end:

 “Certainly, whatever can be done to mitigate the costs and any possible loss of jobs, needs to be done.”

 Why would we have to “mitigate the…loss of jobs” in a bill intended to create them?

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