United States Sites Two Nuclear Power Plants…

…in India.  Why is it acceptable for United States companies to build $40 billion worth of clean, safe, efficient nuclear energy in India but not Wisconsin?  Because Wisconsin bans new nuclear plants like those we will build for India, we currently have no viable option, other than coal, for the new base-load energy required for economic growth.

“Base-load” power is running all the time.  It’s the reliable, consistent energy we need to run the hospitals, factories, farms and offices when the wind isn’t blowing, the sun isn’t shining and when natural gas is needed to heat our homes.

Regarding the Indian plan, The London Telegraph explains:

” India is desperate to increase its power generating capacity to fuel its growing economy.”

With proposed federal Cap and Trade legislation written to make energy in coal dependent states much more expensive and an outdated nuclear moratorium preventing new nuclear plants, Wisconsin has fewer option to compete than we are giving India.

When India has clean, efficient, safe and reliable American built nuclear plants and Wisconsin has new regulatory costs for our coal generated base-load power, where will our jobs go?

The answer is not to stop India from having access to nuclear energy.  The answer is to ensure Wisconsin has the same options for nuclear power that India has.  We must overturn the Wisconsin Nuclear Moratorium.

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