With passage by the state Assembly on a 58-36 vote,  Wisconsin moved a big step closer to bringing back one of Wisconsin’s foundational industries – iron mining. Assembly Bill 426 would maintain Wisconsin’s strong environmental standards while streamlining the process to approve a new iron mine in Wisconsin.

The current process fails to recognize the difference between mining for iron, which involves no hazardous chemicals, and the environmental challenges in mining for metals like copper and silver. An iron mine proposed near Hurley would bring a private investment of $1.5 billion in construction and over 2800 new jobs to Wisconsin. With the exception of power plants, this would mark the largest private investment in Wisconsin history.

Why does the mine matter to utility investors? The modern, environmentally responsible mining process means an iron mine instantly becomes one of Wisconsin’s largest customers for electric energy. Electric shovels will dig the rock, electric crushers will grind it and electric magnets will separate the iron from the sand without the use of chemicals.

Now is the time to stand up for Wisconsin’s economy and the thousands of Wisconsinites who need family supporting jobs. Contact your legislator today and tell them to support AB 426.

Click Here to view AB 426.

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