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WEC Interested in Former Coke Plant Property

WEC Energy may buy a 46-acre former Solvay Coke property in Milwaukee. After an environmental clean-up effort, the site could be an important part of the harbor area’s redevelopment.

The contaminated property has frontage on the Kinnickinnic River and Milwaukee’s inner harbor south of Greenfield Avenue. Although contaminated from past years of industrial use, the property’s size, water frontage and location south of downtown has made Solvay Coke a perennial subject of redevelopment talks. Former industrial buildings were torn down earlier this summer.

The property has been owned by Golden Marina Causeway LLC, of Illinois, which has been going through an ongoing bankruptcy case.

2016 Annual Meeting Thank you


Cathy Stepp, Wisconsin DNR Secretary, addressing members at the 2016 WUI Annual Meeting Held at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay

We wish to thank . . .

Our excellent speakers:
Cathy Stepp, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary
and Pat Stevens, DNR Division Administrator Air, Waste, and Remediation and Development.

Our panelists:  Chris LaRowe (Wisconsin Public Service), Matt Pagel (Xcel Energy), John Sumi (MG&E), Kristin Gilkes (Alliant), and  Joel Haubrich (WE Energies).

Our Host and luncheon speaker:  National Railroad Museum Education Director, Robert Lettenberger.

Our members:  We thank our WUI members for your attendance and participation!


Executive Director, James Buchen
Deputy Director, Michelle Lancaster
Chairman of the Board, Roger Cole
& the WUI Board of Directors

2016 Election Preview by James Buchen, Executive Director, WUI


James Buchen, Executive Director, WUI

With the election just weeks away the race for the Whitehouse is beginning to close. The fact that Donald Trump has become competitive nationally as well as in Wisconsin has eased concerns by some Republicans that a poor performance at the top of the ticket might adversely affect candidates down ballot. In the race for the U.S. Senate, former Senator Russ Feingold has been leading in the polls but the race remains close. The outcome of the Wisconsin Senate race could swing control of the U.S. Senate, though it is looking increasingly likely that Republicans will retain control of that house in the next congress. Similarly Republicans are expected to retain control of the House of Representatives next session as well.

In Wisconsin, the Legislature is currently controlled by Republicans with a margin of 19 to 14 in the State Senate and 63 to 36 in the Assembly. Half of the members of the Senate are up for election this year but there appears to only be one truly close, contested race.  The race for the vacant 18th Senate District seat that includes Fond du Lac, Oshkosh and Waupun appears close, though analysis of its historic voting patterns suggests that it leans Republican. Regardless of the outcome in that race, the Republicans are likely to retain control of the State Senate.

In the Assembly, all 99 seats are up for election this year though no more than a dozen appear to be close contests. Even if the Republicans lose a couple of seats they will retain control of the Assembly.

From an energy policy standpoint the outcome of the Presidential election could have a significant impact on issues ranging from the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to oil and gas production and pipeline construction. In Wisconsin, with Republicans likely to remain in control of both houses and the Governor’s office, we should expect a sensible policy environment without any costly new energy regulations.

There is a lot at stake this election year.  Be sure to get out and vote on November 8th.


After years of planning, regulatory review and construction, a 58-mile transmission line has been placed in service between the Holmes Substation in Menominee County and the Old Mead Road Substation in Escanaba, Michigan. The project is designed to help address the unique needs of the electricity supply system in the area. “Putting this new transmission line into service will greatly benefit our customers throughout the region,” according to Brett French, ATC External Affairs Manager. “The project reflects ATC’s commitment to invest in strengthening the U.P.’s electric transmission system.”


A helicopter and heavy-duty air saw will be used to trim trees along two existing 138,000-volt transmission lines from Montfort to Cassville and Cassville to Platteville. American Transmission Company has contracted with Aerial Solutions, Inc. to manage vegetation growth along its transmission line corridors. The helicopters used by Aerial Solutions are equipped with heavy-duty air saws and rotary blades suspended on a 90 to 100-foot vertical boom.


An Upper Peninsula iron ore mine will buy power for twenty years from WEC Energy Group under an agreement designed to provide a long-term power solution for the region whose residents have faced uncertainty over rate hikes. Under the deal, Milwaukee-based WEC Energy will add 170 megawatts of natural gas-powered electricity across two new sites in the U.P. The power will supply Cleveland-based Cli? Natural Resources’ Tilden Mine and other customers. The agreement stems from a 2015 settlement with the state of Michigan. WEC’s coal-?red Presque Isle Power Plant would still close by 2020.

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